Terre II

Julian Julien - Terre II

Continuing my current delving into the world of modern jazz-influenced progressive music, and following on from my review of the rather tasty Akku Quintet album, here we have another slice of European exotica.
Taking up the saxophone at the age of 9, Julian Julien has become a highly accomplished musician, having studied classical music before composing his own material, as well as playing in numerous jazz and rock bands.
The Progressive Aspect, Roger Trenwith

According to its title, “Earth II” appears to be the worthy successor to the album “Earth” released in 2000, an eclectic and hardly classifiable album which embraces chamber and jazz music with various worldwide influences.
September 2015, DragonJazz, Pierre Dulieu


Julian Julien - Fractale

« Original and exclusive interpretations. Similar to Louis Sclavis’s or multiinstrumentalist Michel Portal’s experiments. Bravo! Excellent work! » International Jazz Radio, Switzerland.

« A world well to himself between Magma and King Crimson, pretty powerful sound, very deep basses. I really liked it, I would’ve loved to be there live! » Broadcast on Radio Radio Toulouse - France

« More progressive music than Jazz or Electro, 5-6 outstanding live clips » “Progscopie” broadcast on Youfm, Belgium


Julian Julien - Strange

« Julian Julien's “Strange” is one of the better instrumental albums to come to my attention over the past year.» John Sanders, USA.

« It easily holds your attention, and I have no hesitation in recommending it to all lovers of progressive music. » Lee Henderson, USA.

There aren't particular signs of similar projects around so I highly recommend to everybody this "original" album especially to those who enjoy ethnic music and those ready for something fresh and new; it's not RIO, it's not symphonic, it's not fusion and it's not jazz-rock but it needed some promotion because it's cool!!! It's "Strange", did I say this already?! Valerio / Proggnosis


Julian Julien - Terre

« I don't hesitate in suggesting it to who wants to explore this side of prog and I'm happy to rate it with 4 stars.» Octopus-4, collaborator Rio Avant Zeuhl Team.

« Nice, partly melodic but definitely personal Zeuhl-ish Jazz/Chamber music by a talented man. Warmly recommended.» Review by Psarros.

« Julian Julien has successfully landed a spot on artists to follow closely from now on, and I sincerely hope to hear more greatness from him in the future.» Review by colorofmoney91

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