2017: Sound creation of Timon d’Athènes, a play by William Shakespeare

Timon D'Athenes

A play by Cyril le Grix.
Timon d’Athènes, the teaser

Feature film

2017: Composition for the feature film "On réussira" from Olivier Aymar

On Reussira

Feature film from Olivier Aymar.
Music: Julian Julien. Extracts from the film:


Collaboration with Chris Steele Perkins

Photos Chris Steele Perkins of Magnum Photos agency, music Julian Julien


Terre II

Julian Julien - Terre II
Terre II par The ProgArchives

Terre II, 4 fully deserved PA stars and one of the best things I've listened to in 2015. Par octopus-4, ProgArchives 

Terre II par The Progressive Aspect

It feels especially genuine for refusing to buy into the empyrean fantasy of lyrical music. If, as Julien himself says, "With art, we can leave behind the mundanity of daily life, » then Terre II is an interplanetary jump worth taking with eyes and ears open.  By Tyran Grillo 4,5 stars All About Jazz, June 2016

Terre II par Dragonjazz

A soundworld of mostly soft and pliant sounds that recalls the trippier aspects of Canterbury rock or King Crimson’s gentler side"(...)" Terre II works a slow and lasting magic that hovers long after the last track fades. By Brian Morton Wire February 2016

Terre II par Dragonjazz

All in all, this is a very pleasant, well-conceived, and carefully composed album that will please fans of melodic jazz and ambient music. By Elizabeth Klisiewicz The Big Takeover October 2015

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